the five


The five elements is a collaboration between perfumer Pauline Rochas and multidisciplinary artist Tasya van Ree.

Rochas explores healing through ancient wisdom and rituals of scent while van Ree’s artwork is infused with mystical messages and otherworldly elements. Both are inspired by the power of nature. The five scented candles represent the five elements of nature: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether. When lit, these scents recall a primordial worship to the gods and echo the infinite mystery of Mother Earth.


Set of Five Scented Candles 5 x 70g


Even though we cannot touch it, it’s all around us. We breathe in. We breathe out. Air is the starting point and the ending point of all our lives. Sometimes we are reminded of its existence through balmy scented breezes and wild tempestuous winds. Clouds are conjured and carried. Skies are transformed. It is symbolic of knowledge, perception, communication and strategy. The aspect of the visionary and free spirited. We need to aerate our minds and let fresh truths enter. New vistas. Citrus scents layer this candle. They are light, airy and fresh. Uplifting. Through their bright and invigorating aspects, they have a positive effect on wellbeing and clarify thought. To experience air, simply start by breathing. 


Under the midday sun in the desert, we understand the dry heat of fire. Fire is one of the most powerful elements. There is transformation and destruction and an uplifting force of reverence. It’s the symbol of divinity and that of carnal desire. Fire represents light that drives back the darkness. We too have our own inner flame – our solar plexus chakra. This invokes dynamism, energy and passion. It is our centre of self-esteem, personal power and inner strength. With this internal fire, the will to persevere exists. So do our desires.

The dark leather accord of this scented candle emanates a smoky burnt wood which is animalic, resinous and sensual. Together with an incense note, they burn to unite our divine with our desires.


Earth was born from Chaos. She independently created the wide seas, open skies, and the vertical mountains. This was the starting point. Where all life began. The primal element. Of all the natural elements, earth is the most materially grounded. With it comes stability, fertility, and health. It’s our home. The root chakra represents earth. If we nurture our roots, we can evolve and blossom with abundance. Stand tall with conviction. This candle features woody notes from tall trees with deep and sturdy roots. Labdanum, Oud and Patchouli add animalic, musky and leathery facets reconnecting us to the physical plane. To our past. We can feel the soil below our feet and know that we are supported


A celestial cleanser with healing and purifying qualities. Water. We feel it as it soothes both our mind and body. Despite its innate gentleness, it has the power to extinguish the flames of fire. Landscapes and rocks are transformed. Harsh edges are smoothened. Where water flows, life springs up and flourishes around it. The vast expanses of ocean, lakes, and seas have always held a fascination and allure for daring adventurers. Water governs our planet, our bodies but also the sacral chakra – the source of joy, pleasure, sensuality and creativity. It favors flow, fluidity and change. This candle captures a promise of floral earthy freshness as the rain soaks the soil. Spicy ingredients add invigoration. We too can let water wash over us and be regenerated.


Stillness. There is no firmness of earth, cooling of water, heat of fire or the breath of air. Ether is the essence of emptiness. In this space we are held and contained. Unlike the other four elements, ether is unbound and all pervasive. Unlimited. Both nothing and everything. It is the most intangible of all the elements and yet it’s here where potential and boundless opportunities rule. We can make anything and everything happen. At the heart of this candle burns the uplifting “Immortelle” also known as the everlasting flower. It has a light and bright quality. In ancient times this flower was offered to the gods – creating a connection between the physical and spiritual. Feel the pause between breaths and experience a sense of higher consciousness. 

BURNING & CARE: For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use. Burn time is approximately 20 hours per candle. All candles are manufactured in France.

COMPOSITION: Vegetal Waxes, Perfume