Pauline Rochas’ childhood was nothing short of idyllic. Spending her summers on the Côte d’Azur, a place where memories and fragrances are closely regarded as one in the same-Jasmines, Gardenias, Eucalyptus, the deadly midnight Datura- all lingering artifacts of a rough and mysterious beauty painted by looming red rock, white-capped seas, and endless rose gardens.

Equally magical were those days at her grandmother Hélène's side, matriarch of the famed house of Rochas. It was she that distilled in Pauline, the key virtues of the family heritage, tracing back to the origins of the classic Femme De Rochas, recounting storied collaborations with Pauline’s legendary grandfather, Marcel, and master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska, manifesting one olfactive universe after another.

Hélène Rochas’ passing would bring about new introspection in Pauline, awakening her to the idea of creating a unique line of perfume all her own. It was through her fascination with ancient shamanic traditions and the healing effects of essential oils that she would answer this calling, thus inspiring The Seven Collection, a line of fragrances formulated for the revitalization of each of the seven chakras. The result of which saw Pauline trading in her career as a successful photographer for the fine art of perfumery.

Now, well into her craft, Pauline furthers her mission to awaken the soul through scent, all the while being driven by the fond memories of a place and time as readily available as a familiar fragrance, whether it be those sweet Mimosas set adrift on a crisp moonlit summer night, or a spritz of Le Rose De Rochas, conjuring up visions of her iconic grandmother, it’s in Pauline’s aim to transport the soul, one sensorial trip at a time.