Pauline Rochas

Pauline Rochas was born into the world of scent.

Her grandfather, Marcel Rochas, created the iconic perfume Femme for his wife and muse – the legendary Hélène Rochas. Hélène was a visionary whose influence was felt in the world of art, culture and fashion. This left an indelible impression on the young Pauline, who would accompany her grandmother to the ballet and opera, where she met great artists.

The house of her maternal grandmother, Denise Boyriven, was on the French Riviera, close to Pierre Cardin’s home, Palais Bulles. It is here where Pauline spent many idyllic summers. Mimosas, midnight datura, jasmine, gardenias and eucalyptus trees flourished in this lush garden. The salty Mediterranean Sea breeze would add the finishing touch to this nocturnal potion. Nature took on this magical allure. It would intertwine with fragrance and memory to become part of her heritage.

The ability of scent to trigger emotion and memory has become the base of Pauline’s work. Pauline offers a range of perfumed products, focusing on spirit and body. The Seven and Dual Collections enable self-empowerment and healing while scented candles burn with imagination.