Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere; they are in each other all along.



154,00 / 50 ml

Olfactive Family: Woody.

Notes: Ylang-ylang, sandalwood, resinous labdanum.

For the Sensualist Rebel in you.

Element: Water.
Gemstone: Carnelian.
Colour: Orange.

Effect: The principle of pleasure. This is the realm of emotions, sensuality, sexuality and fantasy.

Channel your creativity and visualise your dreamy place. Everything feels good. Le Deuxième Parfum is the olfactive accompaniment of that journey. Neither conventionally feminine nor masculine, it’s a warm and carnal scent. Made to elicit desire in the wearer and in those they encounter. An aphrodisiac. Breaking with convention, this elixir was deliberately created without top, mid or base notes. Instead, it features seven luxurious raw materials associated with the sacral chakra. It was influenced by the compelling energy located beneath the navel. Heady notes of ylang-ylang combined with precious sandalwood and resinous labdanum embody sensuality, eros and creativity. Go with the flow. Move with grace. Taste the sweetness of joy and love.