Forbidden Love

69,00 / 180g


180g Gourmand Candle

OLFACTIVE NOTES: Condensed Milk, Cotton Candy, Icing Sugar, Warm Butter, Rice Powder

BURNING & CARE: For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use. Burn time is approximately 50 hours. All candles are manufactured in France and are made of a semi-soft wax that allows the best release of the fragrance.

Made in France

Go back in time. Forget ‘should not’ ‘must not’ ‘cannot’ and succumb to a sweet temptation.

Cotton candy is the aroma of nostalgia. The pink caramelized sugar spun on a stick recalls the atmosphere of circuses, fairs, amusement parks and a carefree childhood.

Condensed milk may be an illicit indulgence but oh so comforting. It’s milky decadence is offset by soothing and soft rice powder- reminiscent of youthful innocence.

The warm smell of cakes, breads and desserts permeates the air.This is a time when bowls were licked clean and fingers dipped into a brioche batter.A light sprinkle of icing sugar embellishes.

Forbidden love awakens a sharp desire for the sensual albeit taboo.